About Risk

Risk is the study association for the financially interested student at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. Risk has set itself the goal to close the gap that exists between theory and practice in the areas of Finance, Accountancy & Controlling, Organizational & Management Control, and International Financial Management. 

Risk Financial Study Association was founded around 29 years ago.

Risk Financial Study Association was founded around 29 years ago. Risk started as an association for the in trading interested students. Since then, the association has grown to one of the most professional study associations of the Netherlands with more than 1250 members. There are around 85 active members, who organize a range of different prestigious activities. 

Risk aims to organize high quality activities for all its members, irrespectivelly of their financial background. Activities such as the Risk Conference and Investment & Accountancy Evenings not only informs you about current financial developments, but also bring you in contact with companies.  Besides this, Risk organizes activities to further the contact between members, the faculty and companies. To learn more about our acitivities, you can look here.


The Financial Association Netherlands (FAN) is a national platform to improve the relationship between the different financial study associations and companies in The Netherlands. Five different study associations from Amsterdam (FSA), Groningen (Risk), Maastricht (Scope), Tilburg (Asset | Accounting & Finance) and Rotterdam (FSR) are connected within the FAN.

The main objective of this organisation is to close the gap between theory and the corporate world. Within the FAN, the opinion is shared that cooperation on a national level results in providing better information towards the student and creates extra opportunities for companies. Because of the existence of the FAN, companies get the possibility to target students at a national level.

The FAN aims to organise a national event and sends e-mails collectively. Furthermore, the different members of the FAN have their own portfolio of activities throughout the academic year as well, in order to satisfy the diverse interests and needs of the Dutch financial students. These events vary from in-house cycles, business courses, study trips, workshops and congresses. Due to this, members of these associations receive a lot of information and hopefully they are capable of making the right decision with respect to the start of their professional career.

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