Thank you for your Risk Membership. The Risk Board 2017-2018 wishes you good luck with your carreer! 

Let's Keep in Touch!
If you want to keep in contact with Risk and  other Risk Alumni, you can become a Risk Alumnus for a symbolic fee of €1,-. The Risk Alumni Network offers lot's of opportunities for students in the last phase of their studies as well as starters. Interested?

Alumni Website

By filling in the unsubscription form you authorize the Risk Secretary to end your Risk Membership. Note that the write-off of the membership of 2017-2018 takes places after the end of the academic year(in June or July). Unsubscription after the 1st of September means that you have to pay a membership fee for another year.

Once you have submitted the unsubscription form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Risk Secretary of your unsubscription. 

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