Junior Trader position

Flow Traders, a leading trading house seeks ambitious trading talent! Does a dynamic, performance-driven setting appeal to you? Does intense pressure inspire your best decision making? Are you seeking to combine in-depth numerical skills with strategic aptitude? Flow Traders is looking for creative and driven Junior Traders in our Amsterdam, Singapore and New York offices.

Flow Traders

Flow Traders named ETP Market Maker Europe by the Annual Global ETP Awards for the last eight consecutive years is an international leading trading house. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in New York and Singapore, Flow Traders trades equities as well as derivatives, currencies and bonds on exchanges around the world. Flow Traders is a privately held financial firm that keeps pace with global markets. Our business expands each day by adding new products across an ever-broadening range of markets around the globe.
Flow Traders stays ahead of the competition by focusing on technology and niche competencies in markets where every second counts. This requires access to the best information and the ability to respond instantly. To achieve this, Flow develops its own software in-house. Our team of software developers works in partnership with experienced traders to identify and execute tomorrow's strategies, making Flow a daily pioneer in professional trading.

In order to maximize our performance and facilitate our international growth, Flow Traders heavily invest in our employees. The backbone of our success is the collection of creative doers, thinkers, and above all, believers who form our company. We at Flow believe in the team effort and value our people.

In this challenging position you manage and optimize our daily position (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products, including equities, bonds, derivatives and complex structured products. You formulate innovative trading strategies and, in close collaboration with our software engineers, develop trading models and tools that allow us to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and adequately.
Because of the specific nature of the work-environment, we do not expect you to plunge headfirst into your new job. Instead, you will start by following a three months intensive in-house training program that covers all the intricate details of the trading processes. As a member of an informal team, you will then gradually take on more responsibilities, start monitoring markets and only then start making split-second portfolio adjustments that are at the heart of our success.

From trading to devising tactics, and from contributing to new tools to implementing actual programs: you help shape our trading strategy

  • You have a relevant university degree, preferably in finance, econometrics, mathematics or economics;
  • Demonstrable interest in global financial markets;
  • Knowledge of Excel and a keen interest in IT systems in general;
  • Innovative & creative high potential with excellent mathematical and analytical skills;
  • Competitive, outgoing, communicative, creative and able to deliver under pressure;
  • A distinct ability to spot arising opportunities and the assertiveness to seize them;
  • A fast-paced work environment that offers great challenges and ditto rewards immediately appeals to you;
  • Absolutely fluent in English.

Flow Traders offers you an exciting job and lots of opportunities within the most dynamic of environments with an excellent compensation package. We like to think that talent grows at Flow and stays at Flow. To ensure this, we provide our employees with the best working environment, the latest technology, continuous support, and we go out of our way to retain the small business feeling with which we started. We offer a competitive salary and reserve a percentage of our business results for our bonus pool.