The program of the Advisory Inhouse Days 2017 will be as follows:

Sunday 23 April
On Sunday evening we will travel with the group from Groningen to Amsterdam. We will stay in Hotel Abcoude, near Amsterdam, for three nights.

Monday 24 April
Monday morning we will visit the first company, Rembrandt M&A. They have prepared a case for us and we will conclude with a lunch. Next, we will go to Zanders. Zanders has prepared a competition case for us in which we will deal with subjects like treasury, risk management and corporate finance. We will conclude this day with a delicious BBQ provided by Zanders.

Tuesday 25 April
On Tuesday morning we will visit Sincerius, a M&A boutique which mainly focuses on transaction services. We will be challenged with a case and we will conclude with a lunch. In the afternoon we will leave to PwC for a case. We will be dealing with the different advisory branches in which PwC is active. We will end the day with a dinner where you are able to get to know PwC in a more informal way.  

Wednesday 26 April
Wednesday morning we will visit the last company, PhiDelphi Corporate Finance. Their case is connected to the one of Sincerius so that you get to know the entire process of M&A. The case of PhiDelphi will show all the aspects that are involved before a deal is made. Again, we will conclude with a lunch after which we will head to Groningen. We will be back in Groningen at the end of the afternoon, on time for Kingsnight!