Risk Lustrum V

12/12/1989 - 12/12/2014

Coming December the fifth Risk Lustrum will take place. Since Risk's foundation two-and-a-half decade ago many students and companies have enriched themselves by participating in socials, conferences, symposia, international programs and many other events. The Lustrum's main goal is to celebrate this and thank all the stakeholders of the last years. This year's lustrum theme will be "25 Years of Risk, The Golden Age" and its colours are Champagne Gold and Dollar Green. The program of the lustrum will be as follows:

Thursday 11/12/2014
15:00-17:00  Risk Lustrum Symposium in 5419.0015
17:00-18:30  Social in Zernike Plaza
19:00-00:00  Risk Lustrum Active Members Casino Night

Friday 12/12/2014
20:00-03:00  Risk Lustrum Alumni Dinner in Amsterdam

Monday 15/12/2014
23:00-04:00  Risk Lustrum Party in Huize Maas

Information on the symposium, party and other activities will be posted on this website later, so keep an eye on this website and www.verenigingrisk.nl. We hope to see all of you in December!