Risk Lustrum Symposium


On Thursday the 11th of December the 5th Risk Lustrum will kick off! The lustrum will start with a symposium which will reflect upon Risk's 25 years of history and its affection with the financial world. The theme of this symposium is "Old Funding versus New Funding" and lectures will be given by the following speakers who all have their own connection to this theme.

Martijn van Schelven - Founder and CEO Geldvoorelkaar.nl

Martijn van Schelven is Founder and CEO of Geldvoorelkaar. During his career at ING Bank Netherlands he was one of the first franchisees for ING Bank Netherlands. After this franchise concept he started, together with his companion Edwin Adam, the crowdfunding platform Geldvoorelkaar. Since then, it has grown to the largest crowdfunding platform of the Netherlands.

René Frijters - Founder and CEO Knab, Founder Alex

Rene Frijters is Founder and CEO of Knab. Knab is a bank built with customers and takes the financial situation and the interests of its customers as the starting point. He vows to be completely transparent with fees, and describes Knab as “socially conscious,” encouraging customers to allocate part of their savings to select charities. Before Knab was founded, he was CEO of the Alex Investment Bank for 12 years.

Els Kamphof - Executive Vice President Rabobank Wholesale

Els Kamphof is the Executive Vice President at Rabobank Wholesale. After her study Econometrics at the University of Groningen she started as Trainee at ABN AMRO. After a long time career within different functions at ABN AMRO she made the switch to Rabobank.