Target Groups

Risk is the study association for the financially interested student at the Faculty of Economics and Business of theUniversity of Groningen. Specifically, we focus on the study Accountancy & Controlling and the Masterdegrees Finance, International Financial Management and Organizational & Management Control. We serve Accountancy & Controlling students from the first study year. In addition we are committed to all financially interested Bachelor and Master students. Furthermore, you will find an overview of the studyprograms that we serve within the University of Groningen.

  • MSc. Accountancy & Controlling
  • MSc. Organizational & Management Control
  • MSc. Finance
  • MSc. International Financial Management
  • Bachelor track Accountancy & Controlling
  • Financieel geïnteresseerde studenten1

1)  Financially interested students are divided, in addition to the studies already served by Risk, among the following MSc and BSc programs:

MSc. Economics, MSc. Business Administration, MSc. Econometrics & Operations Research, MSc. International Economics & Business, MSc International Business & Management en MSc. Technology and Operations Management

BSc. Business Administration, BSc. Economics & Business Economics, BSc. Econometrics & Operations Research en BSc. International Economics & Business, BSc. International Business & Management, BSc. Technical Business Administration

Besides this all financially interested students outside the Faculty of Economics and Business.